Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kashmir – A land of flower

Theses days, the hot tourist destination is the Kashmir Valley. Lots of Indian and foreigners are visiting Kashmir. After long waiting of unrest, now the valley is safe for the tourist. Recently few Gujarati families have visited the Kashmir and shared experience. It was amazing tour. All the age people can enjoy Kashmir. The Shrinagar which is the capital of the Kashmir for summer and the Jammu is for winter. Srinagar is the land of gardens. There are lots of gardens in the city. The Tulip Garden is the key attraction. The flowers of Tulip are most wonderful in the valley. The tulip flower are usually have season till April end. If you want to see the Tulip flower in full, you need to visit Srinagar in the month of Feb or March. The April is also very good season to visit the Srinagar. There are four to five famous gardens in the city. They are located surrounding to the Dal Lake. The Dal lake is the biggest lack in the city. It is full of water. The lake is covered in more than 30 sq kilometer area. All the gardens have unique identity. The Chasm E Shahi is the spring which passing through one of garden and the water of the spring is so clear and pure that people are directly drinking from same. It is said that this water gives the energy and increase the digestion power. The tour can be plan with us. We are the guide for tour planner. Do enter your query here we will help you for planning as per your tailor made need.

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