Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gulmarg - Best place to visit in the month of March April

Gulmerg is the most populer place of the Kashmir for international travelers for skiing. The Gandola ride (Roap way is the best journey for the travelers. It is located in the Baramulla district of Jammu & Kashmir. The majority of the time of year here you will find the snow. But best time to visit is the March - April. The most important notice for all visitors is the stay one night at the Gulmarg. The stay should be near to Gandola means hotel like Gulmarg resort. See picture fo Gulmarg resort hotel. The majority of tour planners are not suggesting to stay here. But we suggest to ask them to manage stay here in theses hotels. Also keep in mind many hotels are far away from the Gandola so prefer to stay near to Gandola. They have very good facilities of room heater and bad heater. You will really enjoy stay here. One more suggestion is that book your Gandola ride ticket online. Also reach to Gulmard day before in evening. Take dinner and take big sleep at Gulmarg and next day morning visit the Hill in gandola. Gandola start at 10 am in morning. You will enjoy full time till afternoon and leave the Gulmar in noon. As majority of time the weather is disturb in afternoon and evening. You will enjoy snow here with great happiness Give your travel guide here for helping you

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