Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dubai - Internatinal best tour destination

Dear Friend We are giving you some information for best tour for upcoming vacation and festive season. Dubai is such one of best destination of the exited tour places. Once you reach Dubai you feel like India and Philippine. Indians are known as the pioneer of development of Dubai. When Dubai was in poor state before the exploration of oil, Indians supplied technology and man power to develop Dubai. Dubai, since the founding of the oil industry, has attracted thousands of migrants from all over the world notably from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and the Philippines in search of jobs. In this modern day, Indians and Filipinos have left their influence in the emirate: Indian restaurants and Pakistani bakeshops are everywhere while Filipino supermarkets are on the rise. Now a day it is the best destination for tour, shopping and leisure. It has many destinations for the enjoying  
Al Ahmadiya School, Deira - it was Built in 1912, this was Dubai's first school and has now been nicely restored. It would be a stretch to call the exhibits of old reed pens and diplomas fascinating, but they've tried pretty hard, and if nothing else, the air-con and clean toilets may come in handy. Free entry.  
Bastakiya District- One of the last remaining pockets of Old Dubai, home to many reconstructed buildings in the traditional style. While information on the structures is slim here (see the museum in preference), the atmosphere is very evocative and there are plenty of delightful art galleries and cafes to explore.  
Dubai Museum, Al Ibn Abi Talib Road, ph: +971 (4) 353-1862. A must-see for anyone interested in the social history of the Emirate (and indeed the country).
 Jumeirah Mosque, Jumeirah Road, Jumeirah 1 (opposite Palm Strip Mall). Is the largest in the city, and a wonderful example of Islamic architecture. Built in the medieval Fatimid tradition with the interior decorated with elaborate Arabic calligraphy. It is one of few mosques in the city open for visits by non-Muslims, the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding[21] conducts special tours for non-Muslims to help promote understanding of Islam. Guided tours are available on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday beginning at 10AM, followed by a question-and-answer session. Located on Jumeirah Road, the mosque is an especially great place to visit in the evening when it's dramatically illuminated by floodlights.  
Shindagha District — Home to the open museums of the Heritage Village, and has the home of former Sheikh Rashid Al-Maktoum. Souks — There are a number of nice souks, or markets, on both sides of the creek that are worth exploring. They sell everything from spices to crafts to very inexpensive tourist t-shirts.
New modern destination Must Visit
Burj Khalifa, Until recently called Burj Dubai, at 828 metres and 160 floors this is the world's tallest structure by a long shot, over 300m taller than the previous contender in Taipei. The observation deck at the 124th floor is the 2nd highest in the world after the Shanghai World Financial center. Although the tour is called At the Top be aware that it isn't! Although the observation deck is the highest open deck in the world, at 452m it's just over halfway up the tower itself. Console yourself with the knowledge that most of the rest of the tower consists of service areas and the view below looks suitably ant-like. Tickets cost Dhs 125 for a timed entry ticket, usually later the same day, or Dhs 400 if you do not want to wait. Tickets can sell out several days in advance, and it is advisable to book them online ahead of your visit.  
The Dubai Fountain, At 270m (900ft) in length and sporting a jet that shoots water up to 150m (500 ft), the Dubai Fountain is indeed the world's largest dancing fountain and one with a very enticing display - a definite must see. The show starts every evening at the Burj Dubai Lake. Easy way to approach it is via the Dubai Mall. Shows are every 30 minutes from 6pm to 10pm on weekdays and from 6pm to 11pm on weekends. It's the world’s largest dancing fountain with classical, Arabic and world music. About 1.5 million lumens of projected light and the spray heights of up to 150m/500 ft (22,000 gallons of airborne water).  
Burj al-Arab hotel For a real glimpse into "how the other half lives", (self-proclaimed as the only 7 star hotel in the world), afternoon tea, or cocktails, may be an interesting experience. Entry to the hotel requires a reservation which will be confirmed at the entry gate, although residents of adjacent Jumeirah hotels may be able to visit by arrangement. Other tourists may occasionally be able to book tours of the hotel itself, however these will not run when the hotel is full. A "very smart casual" dress code applies. Reservations are usually required about a month in advance for a room, but a few days will generally suffice for a meal.  
Dubai Marina One of the newer and more popular areas of Modern Dubai, both with residents and tourists. It offers numerous features such as a phenomenal skyline, world class hotels, a fabulous beach, a mall, and 2 different walkways (The Walk and Marina Walk) with coffee shops, restaurants, and shops. Marina Walk is right on the "Marina water", and there are many yachts there. You can rent a yacht for a cruise around the area. The Walk has a nice open market run from October till May, every Fridays and Saturdays at daylight.
Palm Islands. The three largest artificial islands in the world are located just off the coast of Dubai; a major urban development to add a significant amount of upscale beachfront property to the area. Each of the islands is shaped like a palm leaf, with a trunk connected to the mainland, fronds extending from the trunk, and a crescent (a breakwater encircling the trunk and fronds). Of the three planned, the Palm Jumeirah, at 5km square and near Dubai Marina, is the only one yet open, connected to the mainland by a freeway bridge and a monorail and sporting marinas, luxury resorts, and upscale shopping areas. So get guide for Dubai write here

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gulmarg - Best place to visit in the month of March April

Gulmerg is the most populer place of the Kashmir for international travelers for skiing. The Gandola ride (Roap way is the best journey for the travelers. It is located in the Baramulla district of Jammu & Kashmir. The majority of the time of year here you will find the snow. But best time to visit is the March - April. The most important notice for all visitors is the stay one night at the Gulmarg. The stay should be near to Gandola means hotel like Gulmarg resort. See picture fo Gulmarg resort hotel. The majority of tour planners are not suggesting to stay here. But we suggest to ask them to manage stay here in theses hotels. Also keep in mind many hotels are far away from the Gandola so prefer to stay near to Gandola. They have very good facilities of room heater and bad heater. You will really enjoy stay here. One more suggestion is that book your Gandola ride ticket online. Also reach to Gulmard day before in evening. Take dinner and take big sleep at Gulmarg and next day morning visit the Hill in gandola. Gandola start at 10 am in morning. You will enjoy full time till afternoon and leave the Gulmar in noon. As majority of time the weather is disturb in afternoon and evening. You will enjoy snow here with great happiness Give your travel guide here for helping you

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kashmir – A land of flower

Theses days, the hot tourist destination is the Kashmir Valley. Lots of Indian and foreigners are visiting Kashmir. After long waiting of unrest, now the valley is safe for the tourist. Recently few Gujarati families have visited the Kashmir and shared experience. It was amazing tour. All the age people can enjoy Kashmir. The Shrinagar which is the capital of the Kashmir for summer and the Jammu is for winter. Srinagar is the land of gardens. There are lots of gardens in the city. The Tulip Garden is the key attraction. The flowers of Tulip are most wonderful in the valley. The tulip flower are usually have season till April end. If you want to see the Tulip flower in full, you need to visit Srinagar in the month of Feb or March. The April is also very good season to visit the Srinagar. There are four to five famous gardens in the city. They are located surrounding to the Dal Lake. The Dal lake is the biggest lack in the city. It is full of water. The lake is covered in more than 30 sq kilometer area. All the gardens have unique identity. The Chasm E Shahi is the spring which passing through one of garden and the water of the spring is so clear and pure that people are directly drinking from same. It is said that this water gives the energy and increase the digestion power. The tour can be plan with us. We are the guide for tour planner. Do enter your query here we will help you for planning as per your tailor made need.