Saturday, December 26, 2015

Panch Mahotsav Champaner-Pavagadh 2015

Gujarat tourism is really getting on pick. Year 2015 is landmark for tourism development. This year Gujarat Tourism Department has started four mega events simultaneously.  One of the event is Panch Mahotsav Champaner-Pavagadh 2015.
Since declared World heritage site, the Champaner-Pavagadh is going to held first such event. The mahotsav is started from 23rd Dec 2015 to 27th Dec 2015. But the site has many interesting places to visit. One can visit site anytime in year. Whosoever is coming to Vadodara should visit this place. there are some 13 near by various places which one should visit.
  As shown in picture all 13 places are unique and interested with natural ecotourism. the last point is the Mahakali mandir (temple) which is on top of Mountain Pavagadh. One can reach to tample by walk or with help of ropeway or uddankhatola. if you want to enjoy ecotourism, you should walk and reach to temple. you will get four of above spot will come on the way. On poonam (full moonday) and during festive season lots of people are coming to visit temple. so ready with huge crowd.
At basement of mountain you will get all other nine heritage site to visit.
During these five days of celebration there are lots of events organized by governmnt of gujarat.
Also this year they develop tent city near the Vadatalav. it is developed at very good place. Well connected to highyway. also giving good facilities. In morning hours you will have great look of sun rise and lots of birds who are coming to pond. this tent city will continue till 31st Jan 2016. one can book the tent online by visiting