Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Travel deal for u bring exiting offer for your family vacation to Indonesia

Travel deal for u bring exiting offer for your family vacation to Indonesia

In last few years, South East Asia is getting more attractive destination for family tour. Lots of tourists are coming here to enjoy their vacation. Indonesia is one of most family destination for holiday. The reason behind the attraction is the Bali Island. As such Indonesia has many islands. But Bali is the place where tourists love to spend family holidays. Bali Island is children friendly. There are lots of attractions for children like surf on sea, play with sand, beach cultural activities like traditional dance, adventurous activities like elephant rides, cycling, bungee jumping, rafting and many more. The Bali Bird Park and Butterfly Park are especially for the children’s joy. These all make the holiday in Bali best for the children with relaxing site for parents.
The other attractions of Bali are the temples, ceremonies, beaches and mountains. There are lots of unique temples in Indonesia which have great architect and historical touch. They are centuries old and lots of people are coming to visit these temples for religious purpose. The island is also full of ceremonies and festive celebrations. Tourist should visit the place on one of such ceremony. The local people are enjoying the festive with lots of zest and zeal with colorful dress.
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Thailand vacation tour package

Thailand vacation tour package
Bangkok, the capital city and vibrant city of Thailand is a cosmopolitan city. It is the city of shopping at the glittering malls in Bangkok, enjoy the vibrant nightlife, visit the Grand Palace and experience the spirituality of the temples of Bangkok, Thailand. Visit near bay Pattaya, its two hours away from Bangkok and enjoy the water sports or just enjoy on the beaches of Pattaya. You can also take a speedboat to Coral Island just across the harbour from Pattaya. In the evening take in a Tiffany Show or Alcazar Show in Pattaya. Phuket, a near by one-hour flight from Bangkok is a holidaymaker's paradise. Phuket, a top beach resort offers the best beaches in South East Asia. You can also take a trip to Phi Phi Island from Phuket to see the James Bond Island, go snorkeling in the blue waters of Phuket and enjoy the exiting water sports at Patong Beach. You can shop to your lovely content at the large shopping malls that dot Phuket and in the evening take in the Fantasia Show or enjoy the nightlife along Patong in Phuket.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Travel tour pack for your cricket Hunger

Cricket fever is on pick. Everybody wants to be come witness of the excitements and upset. Yesterday Ireland has made first major upset by chasing target of more than 300 and wining the match against England. Day before yesterday, Malinga – a Srilankan fast bowler has took three wickets in three consecutive balls, second time in world cup. There are more upset and history is going to write everyday.
Most important everybody is telling that this world cup is the last for Sachin Tendulkar, but dont think so; Sachin can play even next world cup. if some one fit for cricket why we should tell to go?
Thus the world cup is getting more and more exiting. I must tell all young guys to come and join such great cricket. To watch play from stadium is really memorable and that’s with friends. You must searching place for such travel pack. We are guiding for your tour pack. Do register here without hesitation and we will call you for your cricket tour package. Get fast and we are ready to provide you great pack.